Portfolio Valuation

Lighthouse uses our proprietary Stoplight Solution system to perform asset specific and portfolio level analysis for an in-depth assessment of the underlying collateral within your portfolio. The Stoplight Solution system is a three-step process which provides you with detailed information on your commercial real estate and member business loan portfolios. The system analyzes and compiles data for internal credit and regulatory reviews, investor and participant reports and efficient portfolio and risk management functions. Our valuation expertise covers commercial real estate debt and securities as well as commercial and business loans.

Why consider Lighthouse for Portfolio Valuation?

Our Stoplight Solution system presents you with an objective view of your portfolio while providing you with the necessary tools to make better-informed risk management and investment decisions. The Stoplight solution is a three-step process:

  • ORGANIZE: Organize loan files and create a simplified file management system. This involves collection of legal documents, third party reports, credit memos and operating statements in an electronic format.
  • COMPILE: Compile information gathered during the due diligence process using relevant documents to build a customized financial model. More than 100 key characteristics of any loan can be accessed within seconds.
  • CATEGORIZE: Categorize loans into three distinct buckets using the data obtained during the loan file due diligence process.

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Case Study

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