Defeasance Consulting

Lighthouse Advisory Services provides end-to-end coordination of commercial mortgage defeasances, making the entire process hassle-free for our clients. We act as the defeasance consultant and as required, the successor borrower for the transaction.

What is a Defeasance?

Commercial mortgage defeasance involves substitution of real estate collateral with a basket of eligible securities that mimic the remaining payments due under the existing loan. The borrower pledges the securities to the lender (usually a Trust for securitized loans) as collateral in exchange for a release of the mortgage lien on the property.

Why consider Lighthouse for Defeasance Consulting?

  • We will guide you through each step of the process, coordinating with the various parties involved and assisting you in meeting all defeasance requirements in time for your refinance or real estate sale.
  • We have relationships with all major loan servicers, securities brokers, accounting firms and securities intermediaries to help you achieve the best execution.
  • We customize the securities portfolio to minimize float and overall costs to you.

Contact Rohit Narayanan for more information on our Defeasance Consulting services or to request a free defeasance estimate.

Case Study

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